The Christmas season is the perfect time to have a clearout and remove some of the clutter from our homes. Whether it’s in preparation for the gifts we eagerly anticipate or to make our homes look their festive best, here are the top reasons to conduct a pre-Christmas house clearout.

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Donate to charity

Donate any unwanted clothes or toys to your local charity shop. Not only will you help a charity, you’ll benefit from that feel-good factor.

Consider also donating a percentage of your salary, which is eligible for tax relief.

For any items that are not suitable to donate to charity. hire a skip for the most efficient method to clear your home of clutter. For skip hire in Swansea. consult a company such as Pendragon Carmarthenshire.

Room for the new

It is a wonderful part of Christmas to give gifts and receive them too. A ‘one in, one out rule’ can save your home from becoming a chaotic mess of presents and clothes in the aftermath of the holidays.

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Clearing your home prepares your house for the additional items about to flood in. This is also a useful rule to maintain for birthdays.

A New Year’s resolution

If you are in need of a New Year’s resolution idea, then this could be the year to get organised! Why not begin practicing and start tidying now? Start little by little, and put aside 15 minutes each day to begin your clearout and start living a cleaner and less cluttered life.

Pass on the message to your children

It is a vital part of parenthood to teach our children valuable life lessons. It is likely that your children have too many items and toys, so educate them on charitable giving and keeping only what we need, by donating your own things. This will encourage them to give their own outgrown or unused toys to less privileged children and charities. Perhaps there are even children you know who would enjoy them.

Give purposeful gifts

It is perfectly acceptable to give experiences as gifts, instead of things that clutter our homes. Why not choose a gift that takes the recipient somewhere new? An experience is often the best memory you could give someone, rather than a gift that just collects dust on a shelf.