The new buzzword in web design is blockchain. The “blocks” are records, and the “chain” describes how they form a continuously growing and personalised list. They are all linked and secured using cryptography.

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In simple terms, it is a type of database, which is nothing new! What makes blockchain different is that it is organised by a single organisation (Google and Amazon are typical examples) and then distributed by many participants in a network.

Some commentators believe that blockchain has the potential to completely transform business operating models. This is why you need to know what it is and why it is important to web design.

The new world of blockchain

According to the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre website, there are multiple types of online fraud, including bank card fraud, cheque fraud and advance fee frauds.

Blockchain presents the opportunity for a distributed transaction network that is practically fraud-proof. It will also change how a website design company in Gloucester such as would build a new website for you.

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It’s all about interpreting a customer’s searches in order to give them a personalised view of your website and your products. The lessons have been learnt from social media. It has demonstrated that customers value collaboration and community, which is generated by online conversations. The value of highly personalised search results has been obvious to Google for some time. With the Google “float”, two people can type in the same search at the same time but get different, personalised results.

Blockchain and web design

Blockchain is currently a very under-designed area that is still in its infancy. This presents web design experts with a massive opportunity. Clients will no longer simply be offered a static web page. Instead, they will have a flexible page with curated content put together based on their previous online interactions. The shift is from lectures to conversations. It’s all about a two-way approach.

Interactive experiences that can change instantly based on the customer’s preferences are the future of web design. Whilst it’s true that the technology behind blockchain is complex, web designers are urged not to let that put them off.

They can find ways to bypass the complexity and capitalise on the useful concepts and interaction patterns to the benefit of their clients.