In Malaysia, the people are warm, and the culture is rich. While the economy may not be as mature as those in Europe or America, it is positively thriving right now. In fact, in many ways, the markets here are healthier than those in the west, because tax laws favour business activity and local investment.

If you’re looking for a fertile place to launch a new venture, Malaysia is a great option. It provides a helpful gateway to the rest of Asia, and there are plenty of talented recruits waiting for an opportunity to excel. Entrepreneurs, both local and foreign, also find it easy to secure commercial real estate. This is due to the variety of rental options available in the big cities.

Keep reading to find out why virtual offices have become so popular in Malaysia and what you can do to try them for yourself.

Expansion Made Easy

The first thing to know about virtual offices in Kuala Lumpur is that they make expanding into the country much easier than it was ten or twenty years ago. The reason for this is because they’re available immediately. Virtual workspaces come in a ‘ready to go’ format.

This means that everything from the heating to the lighting, cleaning, maintenance, and broadband is fully set up and ready to be used. Therefore, they make a good temporary base for businesses that are in the process of launching or still looking for a permanent home.

Access to World Class Resources

It’s very difficult to access world-class resources at an affordable price without the help of a virtual provider or another flexible office arrangement. The deal with virtual workspaces is that they’re shared. The resources are contained in a centralised local facility.

They can be enjoyed by any tenant, at any time, but the prices are so low because none of them are privately owned or rented. They are accessed as and when you need them and this is a fantastic way to minimise operational waste.

Putting You in the Limelight

For the same reason, these providers can offer tenants extremely luxurious suites and impressive corporate addresses. Once again, the expense is shared among many users, so the cost is distributed thinly. Plus, the majority of tenants don’t use them as an onsite asset.

Most split their time between direct visits to the virtual office and remote access. In other words, they leave instructions with the onsite staff. Then, they can ‘login’ to central systems and check up on phone messages, mail, emails, and more.

Appealing to the Best

The big benefit of being in a prestigious location is exposure. Not only does it ensure your brand is visible to consumers, but it also puts you firmly in the gaze of influential figures. Investors like businesses that look the part. They focus their attention on major cities like Kuala Lumpur.

To a large degree, this also applies to local talent. People (particularly graduates) flock to the capital in search of career opportunities. If your office is right at the heart of the action, they’ll be looking to offer you their skills. Don’t forget that a strong team is essential for success.

Searching for a Virtual Workspace in Kuala Lumpur

You’ll find several virtual facilities in central Kuala Lumpur. Three of the best and most highly regarded are at the NU Tower 2, the Menara Citibank Tower, and the Ilham Baru Tower. While tenants may not ‘own’ the workspaces, they can use the location as their primary address.

It’s a really easy way to add professionalism to a brand, as these locations are associated with some of the most iconic companies in Malaysia and the world. Just being physically present among them is enough to give your company a major reputation boost.