When thinking about popular holiday options for millennials, B&Bs are likely to be low down the list. Whilst still hugely popular with older generations, many B&B owners are capitalising on opportunities to gain a new customer base, that offers potential return for a number of years.

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Vintage appeal

Trends are cyclical, and just like millennials have discovered vinyl records, 90s clothes and even knitting, holiday choices of yesteryear also have a retro appeal. Those who live in a large city are surrounded by sprawling glass and concrete buildings, and a chain coffee shop on every corner, so the chance to escape this is proving a huge draw.

Pressures of modern living

A short break away and a back-to-basics holiday can be hugely beneficial to help with the stresses of busy work in such a competitive modern workforce. Many workers quickly adapt to lack of mobile signal, or a few less amenities once they feel the benefits of leaving the smartphone behind and enjoying conversations with locals in a great country pub, or a long country walk to blow off the cobwebs.

Easily accessible

B&Bs located within a short drive of London like the Home Counties, West Country or the Cotswolds offer great appeal. A guest could choose a Cheltenham B&B with free parking and breakfast included, such as https://www.cheltenhamlawn.co.uk/ and know they’ll be back in time for work on Monday morning!

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With stressful, busy jobs usually comes disposable income. So just like retirees choosing to enjoy a weekend away from home in a B&B, millennials could also have the same idea.

What is a millennial?

With some shades of grey, a millennial could be classified as a person born between the early 80s and the mid-90s, and gained the name as their transition from school to adulthood was around the turn of the millennium.

Best of both worlds

Many entrepreneurial B&B owners have recognised that guests expect a higher standard of accommodation, and with the popularity of online review sites and social media, the importance of offering the best possible experience can make or break a business. With international holidays also growing in amenities offered and that bit of luxury, to find somewhere that offers the perks and appeal of a B&B, but with added luxury usually found in a 5-star purpose built complex could be on to a winner.