If you’ve never been camping or once had a bad experience, you might wonder about pitching a tent and getting up close and personal with nature. Here we look at some reasons why you should visit get prepared for a fun outdoor adventure right now:

Reconnect with the great outdoors

Reconnecting with nature and your family is a golden opportunity that camping offers and you can discover a new respect and love for the nature and wildlife around you. Camping provides an ideal opportunity to take a step back from the rat race, slow down your pace of life and breathe again. Get your gear at a Camping Store Dublin like Basecamp, a leading Camping Store Dublin

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Enjoy some tech-free time

Camping is a great reason to leave behind all the gadgets that we have become chained to.  Spending a few days without your phone may leave you with sweaty palms but it is an important part of learning to disconnect and escape.

Time for relationships

When we get away from the stresses of everyday life, we find more time to connect as a family unit. Chatting around a campfire, playing games, engaging in activities, fishing, climbing – whatever we choose to do, we do it together, and without interference from modern life.

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Proper travel

Camping is an activity that allows you to really experience the place from the ground, so to speak. You are not invisible in the hotel or stuck on a tour bus but hiking through the real wilderness right in the heart of the landscape.