This is a term that gets thrown around a lot but what does it really mean? How can you tell if a piece of clothing is a worthy investment piece or not? It is not necessarily the garment with the highest price tag either. It can be said that an investment piece is one that offers the best ‘wearability’

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The classic white shirt that has seen you through many events or the suit that still looks good even though it has been through countless formal occasions. These things can be classed as investment pieces. For your next investment piece, consider Superdry Menswear from EJ Menswear


The durability of an item also makes it an investment piece or not. It doesn’t have to refer to clothes but also includes items like luggage. A high quality Louis Vuitton leather set of luggage that lasts for many journeys will count as a great investment piece.

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The garment need not be specific to a season or even a trend. An investment piece is really the opposite of a novelty item. If you ask yourself how long will you be wearing this and the answer is in days or weeks, then it is purely a novelty item and does not fall into the category of an investment.


The thing to search for is the classic, timeless item that transcends fads but that will be an important staple in your wardrobe for years to come. It is not about price but about quality of manufacture and durability.