The polo shirt is one of those items that we all have hanging in our wardrobe. Iconic, classical and suitable for anyone, the polo shirt can be both comfortable and stylish.

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That being said, polo shirts do have a reputation as a fashion item for older men or for the obscenely wealthy. The inception of the shirt did come about thanks to its namesake: polo (the sport created by the wealthy few). However, this reputation is far from the case now, with polo shirts being a versatile fashion choice.

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With that in mind, here are some tips for deciding on your polo shirt as well as some tips on how to wear them.

1. Cool and casual

In the more recent years, from around the 1990s onwards, the polo has become a fashion piece associated with casual comfort, such as casual Fridays in the workplace. You can maintain this cool and breezy vibe by pairing a polo with a pair of linen trousers or chino shorts. Keep your polo well and truly untucked for the epitome of casual!

2. Choose your colour

Polo shirts come in a wide variety of colours, such as the ones found at EJ Menswear ( so you can mix and match when it comes to the palette of your polo. Try matching your polo to the rest of your outfit. For example, go for a bright and colourful polo if you have a muted option for your bottom half.

3. Pick the brand that suits you

There are tons of different brands of polos available, such as Lacoste, Joules or mens Superdry polo shirts. Don’t just go for what is thought to be fashionable, pick the style that feels the most like you!

4. Collars down

Wearing a polo shirt with the collar up isn’t a particular style that is in trend anymore. Keep that collar well and truly down for a sophisticated style. If you must have it, save the collar pops for your leather jackets.

5. Limit layering

While we’re on outdated trends, layering polo shirts is definitely one of them. Jackets or sweaters are great, just no additional polo shirts!