Protecting the environment is important, not only for us, but for the future of the entire planet. Here are three ways that you can help to save the planet for the future…

Packaging – In the era of online shopping, we get a lot of parcels which of course contain packaging to stop what is inside from becoming damaged. A lot of packaging is recyclable, even things like polystyrene can be recycled at places like this polystyrene recycling company

You can also use the packaging to re-package parcels yourself, which comes in handy at Christmas and birthdays and will save you money.

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Food – The food that we eat all has to get to us somehow, and a lot of it has travelled a long way and used up considerable amounts of natural resources to do so. The best way to eat is to source locally produced food that has not had to travel all that way. This also helps local businesses and farmers. To really cut down on how much you spend on food as well as the environmental impact, why not try growing some food of your own in your garden, or use an allotment?

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Travel – Travelling is something that can cause big problems for the environment, but if everyone were to consider their travel arrangements it can be improved. For example, cycle to work rather than drive, and take a holiday in the UK rather than flying off abroad.