Window blinds are most frequently used in rooms prone to suffering the effects of heat, grease and moisture. Blinds in other rooms need cleaning so they don’t become unattractive dust traps. Here’s how to keep all your blinds looking their best.

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Roman blinds

Often chosen for their attractiveness, it is depressing if the window dressings for your living room or bedroom start to look dingy. Fortunately, fabric blinds can be cleaned easily using a special vacuum cleaner attachment. Open the blind to its fullest extent and vacuum in a downward motion. Pay particular attention to the corners, where dust tends to settle. Any stains can usually be tackled with a damp, clean cloth. If a specialist cleaning fluid is necessary, make sure it is suitable for your particular material and spot test it first in an area that can’t be seen.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are popular with allergy sufferers because, as pointed out by NetDoctor, they are a less attractive environment for the dust mites that sometimes trigger asthma and related conditions. However, without regular attention, wooden blinds quickly become dusty, even in the cleanest environments. The simplest and quickest way to do this is to use a feather duster. Close the slats and run the duster down them. Next, open the slats and then close them in the opposite direction before dusting them as before. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a ruler wrapped in a lint-free cloth. Vacuuming on the lowest setting can also remove dust, although any stains may need to be removed by hand with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to blot up any moisture as this can damage the wood.

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Waterproof roller blinds

Often found in kitchens and bathrooms, waterproof roller blinds are some of the hardest-working window dressing. It isn’t surprising that even the best blinds from suppliers such as, need a little TLC. Take care of your blinds by opening them fully and using a damp, clean cloth to wipe them downwards. Stubborn stains can be removed by careful use of a fabric stain remover.

Conservatory roof blinds

Regular use of a hairdryer keeps the dirt and dead insects that often settle in conservatory roof blinds at bay. You can then dust the blinds or use a vacuum cleaner attachment on a low setting to finish the job.