Garage door problems are annoying because they can spoil our whole day. Some of these problems are actually anticipated since garage door parts have a specific life cycle, but some of them are sudden. The good news is that these days we can call an emergency garage door company at once. Sacramento garage door repair will be at your door in no time inspecting the problem and fixing it. The experience of professional experts is valuable because, apart from annoying, garage door problems may also be dangerous and jeopardize our safety or security. Hence, it’s good to rely on skilled people, who would know exactly what to do and finish the work fast. Of course, the more you know about garage doors the better because you would know what you are dealing with when a problem emerges.

The garage door doesn’t open when I press the clicker

The first thing an average man would do is replacing the batteries, but sometimes the problem is even simpler than that. For example, the power may be out. You should check whether your neighbors have electricity and if the problem is focused only at your house, you should check the fuse-box. You should also check the condition of the wires connected to the garage door opener. If everything is in place, you should call a professional company, which would know exactly what to do, instead of interfering with the garage door motors.

The garage door starts closing down and suddenly opens again

It’s possible that something is blocking its closing. The sensors would feel an obstacle and reverse the movement of the door. So, you must remove even tiny things that might be standing on the door’s way. If the problem is not solved, you should check the sensors and whether they have been moved from their right position sending the wrong messages to the opener. Try to adjust them properly, so that one would face the other and clean off the dirt and dust.

The garage door starts closing down, but stops before it reaches the ground

There could be several explanations for this problem, but the most common one relates with the garage door tracks, which might have been bent. A small rock or another obstacle may also be blocking the proper shutting of the door. Clean well the area on the floor and try again. If the problem hasn’t been solved, you should call a company to check the problem; you might need bent garage door track repair.

The garage door doesn’t move at all

Chances are you have garage door springs problems. The worst case scenario is a broken garage door spring, which would need immediate replacement. Sometimes, springs lose their flexibility over many years of hard work and are powerless to lift the heavy weight of the door. In this case, try to spray some lubricant on the springs; even if the door moves, it would probably be temporarily. Possibly, the springs would have completed their life cycle and need replacement, which must be done by professional experts.