The 2020s, the start of a new decade, and for those of you who just got engaged, here are some of the top trends for the styles, looks and colours for you to keep in mind as you plan and design your 2020 wedding.

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It started with a kiss – engagement photos

As brides and grooms plan their weddings they will be thinking carefully about how photos can create and capture the unique and special moments of their day. Planning an engagement shoot is a great opportunity to really get to know your chosen photographer and make sure that you are on the same page. Many couples are opting to have their engagement shoots in far-flung places or choosing to head to locations that they have both been dying to visit. Wherever you choose, the key is to use these sessions as a time to really enjoy and have fun, and take a few risks trying out different styles and colours that reflect your own individual style and your style as a couple.

Bigger, bolder, better

The trend for 2020 is most certainly all about fashion risk-taking, understated styles, slip dresses and simplicity are most certainly taking a back seat. This year brides are not playing it safe – volume, intricate beading, bold shapes, prints and colour and multiple costume changes are the order of the day. Brides will be changing more frequently through the day and into the evening – a wedding dress, a reception dress and changing into a dress for the after-party.

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Family & friends

The coming together of your family and friends is what makes your wedding such a special celebration. Your guests will want something special to wear too and wedding guest dresses with gorgeous layers and sparkle such as will look fabulous at the ceremony and later on as they make their moves on the dance-floor.

A celebration of life and sustainability

Weddings in 2020 will see more and more couples making concerted efforts to ensure that their celebrations have as minimal an impact as possible on the environment and opting for sustainable weddings. From the flowers to the food – wedding planners, caterers, designers, florists, and the wedding couples themselves are looking at reducing the carbon footprint of these often large-scale events and making them as eco-friendly as possible.