When there is no legal security, certain rules of the game, everything becomes a little more complicated. This is what is happening today with the self-employed, who live their particular nightmare in the office . The changes signed in the quotation will not go beyond 2019, a priori, but the situation could go on much longer than they would like.

Because the elections are in the spotlight and a change of government can reverse the measures taken, change the quotation system or forget the contribution for income. But this is not the worst of all. After all, the self-employed man assumes a double increase for 2019 and resigns himself to the fact that the rates applied to the minimum base increase in later years.

Regulatory changes full of good intentions, but little else

It also happens with failed laws , written articles that give rise to misunderstandings and problems when applying them in practice or simply pose a greater problem for the self-employed person, to the point of rendering them useless. Two clear examples, on the one hand the deduction of the diets of the self-employed , which means that many of them have desisted from applying them.

Another example is the payment of VAT on unpaid bills , a promise that was carried out with the VAT of cash , which from the beginning was already seen that it would not be so complicated to implement it for the self-employed, who would continue to pay the VAT of those invoices not collected.

Every time a new regulation comes into force to favor the self-employed, the collective trembles

In other cases it is legislated and the situation is almost worse than the previous one . We can give the example of the deductions that can be applied by self-employed people who work at home. There is a danger of the same thing happening with the contribution of the self-employed who do not reach the minimum wage, who now by the criterion of habituality do not need to register in the RETA, but we do not know what will happen in 2019.

With the flat rate the same thing happens a bit. If now someone is considering becoming autonomous, it is better to run before the conditions change and it is no longer a year with the cost of 50 euros per month. In any case, this rate will be updated compulsory so that the new self-employed also see how their coverage is extended.

And to these we must add the reform of the RETA and its recommendations. That will already be applied and negotiated surely with the next Government. All this makes being autonomous today in Spain is like overcoming a trap obstacle course , where many times the elimination of a slope that must climb, is nothing but the entrance into an even greater tunnel.

Always ask for an invoice, the self-employed tattoo that comes with the discharge of the RETA

With all the autonomous learns soon to ask for invoice for everything. To know that buying online may not be so cheap, especially if you can not deduct VAT or do not issue an invoice accordingly. Not to mention that in the end it is more comfortable to always work with the same suppliers so that the invoice is always available and easier to deduct.

To this we have to add the companies for which they work and decide to pay later to the self-employed , simply because some head of the financial department decides that it is more profitable to invest it than to pay before who has done a job for it. Something similar happens with the administration.

But not everything is bad news. The autonomous will be his own boss … At least in theory, because if the need tightens we realize that the boss is the client, since many freelancers can not afford to refuse a job if they want to reach the end of the month. Even in those cases where they ask us for things that were not in the initial budget.