Do you take your children to the theatre? It could certainly be an exciting and memorable experience; however, experts say that taking children to watch a live performance can also provide a variety of development benefits, including improved intelligence and an opportunity to discuss difficult subjects emotionally.

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In addition, the experience is fun and provides an opportunity for parents and children to bond during live performances, whether it’s pantomime, a play or a musical, it’s clear that a trip to the theatre is a great family outing.

Recent studies show that almost a third of parents do not ever take their kids to the theatre. Meanwhile, 70% of parents whose children had seen live performances, 90% said their kids loved to go and 20% said their children spoke about the performance for a long time afterwards. Find out more about Panto Preston at a site like

Parents also enjoy going to the theatre with their children, because they believe it’s good for their development, and two-thirds said they enjoyed it because it was a family experience they can share together that brings fond memories.

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Experts are in full agreement. Going to see live theatre performances can help children’s understanding of emotions, helps strengthen family ties and relationships.

The study by University College London suggests those who attend the theatre together will synchronize their heartbeats, which was shown to promote close relations and social cohesion. This has obvious implications for the development of the child, given that childhood is a critical time to form social groups and bonds.