Plantation shutters are different from curtains, it use timbers and aluminium alloy to prevent the corrosion from sun,wind and dust, and is easy to clean. Plantation shutters always make your space concise, different choose of color also really well integrated with decoration style. When you already install the shutters, do you know how to clean it well? Let me talk about some methods that might help you.

1.The First method is suite for those plantation shutters which are installed in living room or balcony. The most biggest enemy will be dust, so use a feather duster to simply clean it, but have to keep in mind you must do it regularly.

2.Find an old Gloves or Socks. Use an old gloves or socks when cleaning the corners, then spray a little cleaner on the shutters and wipe off by hand. Most of cleaners are no harmful to plantation shutters, there are many manufacturers which product very good quality shutters, like plantation shutters Sydney, if you still worry about that try to wipe it with half water and half vinegar mix.

3.Use vacuum cleaner. In most case, vacuum cleaner is enough to clean the plantation shutters, if the shutter are dusty, use vacuum cleaner to clean most of dust. You should close the shutters before you clean.


4.Bring the plantation shutters to bathroom to clean. Firstly, make two “S” shape hooks, then remove the shutters and put it on the hooks. Make sure you hooks it well then turn on the water to clean it. The water should be warm water or hot water.

5.Clean it outside. If your shutters is too dusty, you should take it outside to clean it. Put the shutters on the carpet outside, then you must prepare a bucket of sudsy water and use a sponge to clean it well.