It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and keep buying or ordering the thing that we know we’ll enjoy. So here’s some information on the seven best cuts of steak (in our opinion) and how it’s best to handle them.

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Filet Mignon

The tenderest cut of steak, Filet Mignon is also sometimes called filet de bouef or tenderloin. Because it doesn’t have as much fat as other cuts it has a more delicate flavour. As a smaller steak it’s also good for those who have smaller appetites. The lack of fat also means it’s easy to overcook, so for best results cook sous vide.

Rib Eye

Also known as cowboy steak, rib eye is usually purchased with the bone intact. Not quite as tender as filet, but with more fat, a rib eye packs a flavour punch. Perfect for cooking on the grill, broiling or on a cast iron skillet.

New York Strip

The middle of the road steak, the sirloin or strip steak isn’t quite as tender as the filet, and has let fat (and so flavour) than the rib eye. Cook it any way you like, but watch for overcooking – the variable fat content might catch you out.

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This cut is a New York Strip linked to a Filet Mignon because the bone hasn’t been removed – which means you get the best of both worlds flavour-wise, but also makes it tricky to cook on a skillet because the flesh shrinks while bone doesn’t. For that reason, Porterhouse is best grilled or broiled, just try to keep the meat exposed to less heat than the strip. Read more about how to cook a steak here


Get your butcher to clear this cut up and you have a beautifully tender steak at a great price. There is an art to cooking hanger or onget, but this steak is great with a dry rub or marinade – browse some great online beef recipes at


Flank is best cooked at home and responds well to braising, or cooked less than medium rare. More than that and it might get tough.


Commonly used for filling Fajitas, Skirt is the perfect steak to cook sliced thinly after its been marinating for flavour.

These are just our favourites, there are many more steak cuts to explore. Enjoy!