In any public or private gathering, organisers never fail to invite celebrity guest speakers. Whether it is a company event, a school graduation exercise, a community outreach program, a healthcare advocacy, or any gathering, these individuals are not just capable of drawing large crowds, do meet-and-greets, create a buzz within or outside the organisation, and boost the ticket sales of the event. Celebrity speakers, given their varied professions and careers, are also capable of delivering talks that would surely inspire people who are in attendance. Indeed, any event with a marquee personality in it can become a success, especially if the agenda or a cause is met.

Celebrities are not just known for appearing on TV as actors, entertainers, hosts, analysts, and the like. Many of them also do speaking engagements in events, delivering talks with regards to the industry in which they became famous. Some of them also do speaking engagements that tackle certain aspects of their lives other than the profession in which they are known for. Apart from those in the entertainment industry, celebrities who can also deliver speeches in events or functions also include popular athletes and sporting personalities, people who are known for their business acumen and people who are known for their philanthropy.

Indeed, celebrities, whether they are currently engaging in their professions or have already retired, take advantage of pursuing other interests, from business, finance, marketing, media, and the like, as well as other advocacies that tackle certain environmental and social issues. Some of them even provide motivational speeches, prompting guests, employees, graduating students, and others to be inspired with their thought-provoking sayings.

For any company or organisation in need of a boost for their conference, talk, seminar, or any related event or function, hiring celebrity guest speakers is definitely a great idea. But then, landing the best one can often be a tricky proposition given the many challenges that the organisers of the event or function had to face. Knowing if the hired speaker can be engaging to the audience or not, as well as determining if the speaker is worth the organisers’ budget, are some of the small factors that could dictate the success of a presentation, let alone the whole event or function.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that organisers must be able to find useful in order for them to choose the best speaker for their event:

  • It is important to first determine the organisers’ That way, they are able to learn the price range of hiring a speaker. If the budget for hiring one is from $5,000 to $10,000, then the organisers must let the speaker agencies or bureaus about it. But for the most part, these agencies or bureaus are capable of suggesting speakers for the company event or function, in accordance with the organisers’ budget and type of audience.
  • When researching for suitable candidates for a speaking engagement, it is important for the organisers to consider checking for references. That way, they know if a certain celebrity speaker is worth hiring. If the reference tells the organisers that, yes, he or she is a recommended hire, additional research must be done. Obviously, there are available footages of many celebrity speakers; it is for the organisers to look at how they deliver their content and if they use visuals to illustrate their points, as well as the response of the audience.
  • Before the event organisers can formally hire a guest speaker, the organisers must be able to inform him or her about the company event or function they are going to attend to, setting his or her expectations straight during the process. Organisers are able to provide him or her every potential advantage in making the conference, talk, or seminar successful.