You’ve probably seen lots of wedding photos over the years, but very few will actually stick in your mind. It’s easy enough to take photographs at a wedding, but creating beautiful imagery that captures the moment and the couple perfectly is much more of an art.

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Wedding photography is notoriously difficult. There are no second chances. There is a lot of work that goes into the preparation beforehand that ensures the day itself runs smoothly and any possible glitches are anticipated and planned for.


Charge batteries, clean lenses, and take spares. Visit the venue several times so you can scope out the best locations and see the light at different times of day. Talk to the couple so you really get to know them and understand what they are looking for from you for their imagery.


When it comes to wedding photographer, experience is important, and it’s something that money just can’t buy. Knowing how the day flows and how much time it takes to set up each shot comes with having done it before. Creative flair and bravery are important, along with knowledge and experience of what makes a great shot. With experience, you learn all the rules of wedding photography and which ones you can bend a little. Don’t be too experimental on the big day without knowing you have some guaranteed shots in the bag!

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Open Mind

Wedding photographers must keep an open mind; it helps allow creativity to flow, but it also stops any criticism from being taken personally, and any disappointment when your best image isn’t met with the ‘right’ reaction from the newlyweds dissipates quickly.

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When you’re working as a wedding photographer, it isn’t about you. The day is about the couple getting married and the shots they want to capture their day. If you have prepared well and you know their tastes and have built their trust, you have some licence to experiment and be creative, though ultimately it is the newlyweds who will decide what constitutes a great image